After 13 years in the pool and spa industry, I relocated to Niagara Falls to start a family. Raising four children sparked my community spirit, so I became a member of the St.Vincent De Paul School Council. After that, my love of sewing and design somehow turned to philanthropy – I began creating costumes for student productions and milestone events (all for the kids, right?). I’ve been honoured to be acknowledged with awards from the Hon. Rob Nicholson MP and Wayne Gates MPP, as well as the Good Citizen Award at the municipal level.

Since 1996, I’ve been an associate at Niagara Casinos, where I aim to create transcendent interpersonal experiences for guests. Of course, this also gave me the chance to observe a lot of human behaviour. That insight lets me identify the needs of each guest and set them at ease (it’s all in the smile). As a team member, I believe in surpassing attitudes of mere tolerance by emphasizing and celebrating the strengths of individuals around me, unto collaborative goals.

I am studying Psychology at Brock University, and I hold a certificate in Convention and Meeting Management from Niagara College. I’ve also completed my certification as a Coach with Coach U, and have received the International Coach Federation credential.