Be vulnerable

Whenever you share your thoughts or ideas you are leaving yourself vulnerable and open for ridicule and criticism, do it anyways, show people that you care, with love and compassion not with fear or intimidation.

Starting this website and sharing my thoughts and ideas, with the world, I am leaving myself vulnerable and opening myself up for ridicule and criticism but that’s okay, it’s okay because I care!

If people don’t wonder,  “I wonder if we can go to the moon”, “I wonder if we can have light inside our homes,” electricity would never been invented, we would never have spaceship going into space. We would never have the beautiful wonderful world of technology that is available if people didn’t wonder and make themselves vulnerable to the possibilities and shared those thoughts and ideas with others.

I wonder  … can we as a species, the human race, live in a world of consensus and not adversarial for all cultures, all races coming together as humans.  This world is our heaven.

I believe, I believe in love … for all humans and the possibilities are endless.

Wonder with me and amazing things can happen.

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