Commonsense is only common if you have knowledge on the topic!

There may be 1000 reasons why something can’t happen or why something can’t be done or why something can’t be accomplished.  All it takes is one reason or one answer for why something can happen.

I am not the smartest person in the room by far, but by having many people in the room with all areas of expertise, you can come up with that one answer to why something can happen.

Sharing knowledge from all stakeholders whether it be in a corporation or in your home or by volunteering within your community.

Sharing knowledge amongst individuals that have specific areas of expertise, you open up the possibility and opportunity for that one answer to make it all happen.

So, before you say “it doesn’t make sense,” think twice, there maybe something you don’t know!

Gather more knowledge, to make an informed decision, for the best possible outcome.

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