I have a confession to make.

I always believed to TRUST everyone until they prove me wrong. The definition of trust is a firm belief in the reliability, TRUTH, ability, or strength of someone or something.

I have put my trust in others before they have earned it.

To trust is very simple. I trust the sun will come up every morning and the stars will come out every night.  I trust this for the simple reason that it has been proven to me for the past 54 years, the sun and the stars are very reliable.  The sun and the stars have EARNED my TRUST.

I trust my love for my children; it has been proven to me from the moment they were all conceived.  With every smile, tear, and heartache that I have faced, I trust my love for them.  My heart has EARNED my TRUST.

I trust my children love me. They have proven this to me with every smile, tear, and heartache that they have faced; I trust the love of my children.  Their hearts have EARNED my TRUST.

I trust in myself to follow my heart with my head combined with my values. I have proven this to me the moment I found the courage and strength to walk my own path.  My values, (Peace, Love, Heart, and Joy) have EARNED my TRUST.

I trust that I may only interact with people who are living in truth and with integrity. Going out into the world others will challenge you to trust YOU.

There is a movie called Life is Beautiful made in 1997 about a Jewish Italian, Guido, a book shop owner and how he used his imagination and humor to shield his young son from the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps which they were about to face.  There is a scene from the movie that moved me and spoke to me about the propaganda and brainwashing of the Nazi military regime.

In this scene you will see the look of despair from Guido looking at the General for help for his family to escape from camp.

When Guido sees the General has gone totally mad and has lost his mind, from the horrors in which he was ordered to perform on innocent people, the realization that Guido cannot look to this man for anything, the General is just as dead as everyone else. Guido cannot trust him.

Understanding the difference between following and supporting is truly important.

Following orders mandated by your superior is being a follower. Just as the General from the movie, his heart and his head do not match, he was following orders to save his life and more than likely the lives of his family, through the REAL fear of death.   The General TRUSTED the Nazi regime through the actions, reactions and the deeds he has witnessed, therefore the FEAR is real, not imagery.

This is an extreme example; however the follower mentality is still present today. In our homes, at work or out in the community using fear and intimidation as a means of controlling the followers.

Now, support is very different. To support is with the intention that I believe in your action, reactions and the deeds that you perform through the earned trust by what has been witnessed, therefore the support is real.   To support is to fully embrace and agree with what is being mandated without anyone’s input, suggestions, thoughts, ideas, for what is best for the masses and not just the few.

Believes can change. I no longer believe to trust everyone until they prove me wrong.  I have learned over the years trust is to be EARNED, and not to be given without discernment.  Trust is the solid foundation of any relationship, at home, at work or out in your community.

Trust in yourself to live your values, at home and earn the Trust of others.

Trust in yourself to live your values, at work, no matter your position within the company, and EARN the TRUST of others.

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