Economics In Relationships

I would like to share with you three basic economics theories Scarcity, Abundance and Equilibrium.

The Scarcity Theory is one in which an individual, group or society believes  we need to get and keep everything that we can for our self and not share or give to others.  In this mindset we are “Scared” that others may have more then us and we will lose out on our basic needs.

The Abundance Theory is we have more then enough and are willing to share what little I do have with others that have even less.

Equilibrium is the balance between the two.

Now how does this apply to relationships?

Having the ability and capability to shift your perceptive from scarcity to abundance may seem difficult but is really very healthy when it comes to relationships.  It will bring you the equilibrium or balance that you need in building a healthy relationship from fantasy to reality.

Take a peek at this is video … and please share your thoughts and ideas.  Everything taste better when you share.

Thank you for taking the time and have an amazing day,

Evelyn Waterhouse ACC

The Amazing Company