Hero or Rat?

Yes, I know once again I am visiting this article … Keeps making my eye twitch the more I read it.  That is my signal that something is not right.


Hero or Rat?

You are only a hero (and I love that the word hero; has the word “her” in it) if you saved money for you company!

You are a RAT or Whistleblower if you brought to light the misconduct of the people taking the money to begin with.  It will depend on the side of the fence you are on.  “Leaders” in companies and organization will look for the type of person that is a rat or whistleblower and if are you … you will be eliminated.  No rats or whistleblowers on our team!  Bit of a conundrum.

Even jails don’t take to kindly to rats or whistleblowers.

This doesn’t have to be about money, it can be about something as innocent as children.

Our children are taught at a very early age not to be a Whistleblower or Rat.  It is embedded in to our culture.  I live in Canada and our system is flawed, and I live in a first world country, I could not imagine what it would be like for children who live elsewhere.  Our school system is flawed, our court system is flawed, our banking system is flawed, our “organized” religion system is flawed, after saying that, what is most flawed is what is told to us by our “Leaders” … do as I say not as I do.

I do ask everyone to take the time to watch the video in the article

Their are no bad children … they are just taught at a very early age to shut their mouth.  Then they become adults that have learned to not be a “Whistleblower” on the very ones that should be exposed.

This can all change our perspective if the OECD or BIAC could please contact me to explain how using the word Whistleblower will encourage, inspire or motivate anyone to come forth and stand tall and not be afraid of this conundrum.  Lets have an open dialogue about language and how we can better serve our community, our government, and our businesses for clarity and to have a fairer world.

If you can feel anything from this post please share it with others, you never know I just might get a response from the OECD or BIAC … one day!  I will keep posting until then.

Evelyn Waterhouse ACC