How To Be A Positive Person

Having a positive personality is very important in life.  It gets you through times of struggle and challenges.  I am one of those … a positive person by nature.

Over the last few years things have been a bit of a challenge, same major live changes have occurred, either by choice or by unforeseen events.  Either way my natural disposition has been very useful in guiding me through.  I would like to share with you how I have been able to stay grounded through some pretty crazy life events and still maintain a sense of self.

Understanding who you are and the people and  places you surround yourself with is the starting point in creating the life you truly desire.  So, with this in mind, I would like to share with you how to stay positive in life.

  1. Self-talk – Be mindful of what you say to yourself.  Treat yourself like you are your best friend.  BE kind with your internal language.  This is not Stuart Smiley from Saturday Night Live “I am good enough, I am smart enough and dog gone it people like me”.  Who cares if people like you.  If you are being honest with yourself and authentic then the right people will find YOU… and like you just the way you are.
  2. Be Grateful – Be grateful to your employer and show gratitude that you have a job.  Be grateful for your body and it is there for you to use and to embrace the amazing things that it brings to and for you.  Be grateful each and every morning that you have the privilege of being part of this life.  Be grateful for the people who greet you with a smile and that are kind to you. Be grateful for the people that love you and care about you, give your love and gratitude to them every day.  Have a gratitude partner, a friend, anyone that can be there for you to help support you in reminding you of all of the things we are grateful for.
  3. Smile – This is one of the simplest actions anyone can take in having a positive life.  Smile will help change your internal thoughts and feelings.  Smile at a co-work, smile with your family, we have a tendency to take our family for granted, they are the ones we need to give our best  to, not the worst.
  4. Music – Listen to music.  Be mindful of sad songs that can bring you down.  Listening to music gets your heart going and feeling fun and alive.  Listen to music every day whenever you can to feel amazing.
  5. Be Around Positive People – There is nothing harder in keeping yourself healthy and happy if you are surrounded by negative people.  Misery loves company and negative people will do there hardest to bring you down to there level, don’t let them.  Minimize your involvement and interaction with negative people.  This can be a bit of a challenge if your home, or work place is full of negative and insecure people. Some things you may have to let go of if they are doing there best to keep you in their mind space of negativity.  Surround yourself with people that support your growth and are happy for you … positive people love other positive people.  Be mindful of the company that you keep.
  6. Give – Give your time.  Give your thoughts.  Give of yourself to others and see how your positive energy will grow.  There is so much out in the world of people who only take, give whatever you can to give.  Even a smile can make one person feel so happy and grateful.
  7. Humor – Have a sense of humor.  There is a difference between having a sense of humor and telling a joke … anyone can remember a joke.  Having a sense of how silly life can be and seeing life as a wonderful roller-coaster ride of ups and downs is one of the best ways to be positive.   Laugh and don’t take yourself so seriously, this to will pass.

Everything in life is an opportunity not a problem when you are honest about what it is that you want and need in your life things start to become clearer.  Be mindful of the company you are keeping, be mindful of the attitude you have developed about work and your employer and be grateful.  This is not to say we must stay with a partner that disrespects you or to stay in a company that does not value what you have to offer, you don’t, say thank you and move on, know your worth … someone will see you have value.  BE positive, be grateful and keep doing your best.

Peace everyone Peace all it takes is for YOU to be aware of how  YOU can either bring positivity in your home or work … it is never about anyone else.

Evelyn Waterhouse

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