Human Engagement

Customer Relationship is very important and I would like to take this opportunity to share with you how I do what I do, naturally.

The first thing I do, every morning, I check in with my attitude. It is a natural personality trait, and Yes; I am one of those people that will always think of ways to improve the environment in which I work.  In a very positive way.

Attitude is the most important factor when it comes to human engagement, checking “your” attitude towards your employer is very important.  I never want to “bite the hand that feeds me”. Regardless of your position within your company every employee is paid from the same source, so with this in mind, we all share at least two things in common, 1. We are all human beings and 2. Our pay comes from the same place.  This “source” comes from our external customer.  Period.

It doesn’t just fall from the sky.

So, with this in mind I will do whatever I can to create an environment of amazing customer service (internal or external) to ensure that the “source” is continuous and growing for generations to come. Without this growth their will be no company to pay anyone.  It is more than just growth in the “now” or short term, it is continues growth with a solid foundation of innovation, creativity and working together: hourly employees and management.

Trust is very important in human engagement.  I trust everyone until you prove me wrong.  Everyone receives 100% of my trust and then we work from there, using discernment and going with your own intuition, are your action matching your words.  We need to trust one another, some are more trustworthy then others, and you may find out a little to late and that is a reflection upon the untrustworthy.  Trust is how humans build loyalty.








Smile.  I smile no matter what.  You may think is kind of silly, and that is Ok.  Smiling is not only a heathy way of getting you to feel good, it is the NO. 1 quality that everyone one should have naturally in the hospitality industry or any industry for that matter.  I like to refer to it has my “default” face.  Every front line associate benefits from being a “happy person” by nature, and then you teach them the job.  This goes with hiring the right kind of person for the right job.





Knowledge is very important in creating an amazing customer service experience.  You will feel more confident and comfortable when you have knowledge to share with your internal or external customers.   After saying that having everyone on the same page is a different thing, and when working with a large organization having the same and consistent knowledge can be a bit of a challenge.  Keeping everyone in the know by joining forces and have cross functional teams so the massage is clear and consistent.






Caring about how you represent you is so important.   Checking in to see how you represent yourself is not always an easy thing to do, in this day of the Millennials and really hard core “old school” work ethics; there is a big gap in-between.  I am a bit “old school” in how I represent myself to others, work hard, have manners, do what is best for the company, not just myself.  Creating that balance of both and walking the line without crossing over from one extreme to the other is not always easy.






Banter is so important in customer relationships.  Using humor and banter to create an amazing customer experience is a wonderful tool.  Feeling the energy from your customer and using your unique personality  (autonomy) and we all have one, to create and evoke an emotional experience in a positive way for your internal and external customers.





We are all Human Being first and foremost, we can do so much in creating exceptional customer service experiences, have trust and loyalty though our actions, reactions and our decision making (integrity), AND DAMIT just be grateful. LOL

Evelyn Waterhouse ACC

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