Realize Ambitious Goals


To fully appreciate the dedication and hard work that is involved with realizing ambitious goals you first need to understand the realities of them.  Here are just a few …

1. You CAN do anything you want

 … just how badly do you want it.  Believing in yourself with great determination, learning, acquiring knowledge and staying current … then all of your competitors.  You will have road blocks that will slow down progress but not stop it; don’t let them.  Invent the newest computer game, write your book, open that restaurant, or design that new dress … whatever you do, make a commitment to do it better then anyone else.

2. Willing to take Risks 

… but knowing how to monitor your progress.  This process will enable you to identify  your weakness and the opportunity to improve them.  

3. Knowing you Know Nothing 

… but do it anyway, and learn along the way.  Keeping it simple and true to you.  If your strengths are writing then write, if your strengths are designing dress then design amazing dress, and be the best at one thing.   When you spread yourself to thin you will lose your focus and nothing will be accomplished.

4. Willing to Let Go

… of everything.  The willingness to let go of everything is the hardest factor you  may have to face when realizing ambitious goals.  You may be tested to have to let go of family members, friends and your work place.  As hard as that may seem, not fulfilling your goals, could be even harder and living a life of regret.  You might even have to “go it alone” and I mean “alone”.

5. It is Your Passion

… not a job or something you like, it is your passion.  You love it, you are willing to work at it until the late hours of the night, go without sleep, and dig really deep into your soul to truly realize your most ambitious goals. You may need to be creative in the financial aspect, but you just know that what you have to offer is real, has value, and authentically you.  It is your greatest love of all time, and you will leave your mark.

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