The Eighth Sense

“There is a thing called knowledge of the world, which people do not have until they are middle-aged. It is something which cannot be taught to younger people, because it is not logical and does not obey laws which are constant. It has no rules. Only, in the long years which bring women to the middle of life, a sense of balance develops. You can’t teach a baby to walk by explaining the matter to her logically – she has to learn the strange poise of walking by experience. In some way like that, you cannot teach a young woman to have knowledge of the world. She has to be left to the experiences of the years. And then, when she is beginning to hate her used body, she suddenly finds that she can do it. She can go on living – not by principle, not by deduction, not by knowledge of good and evil, but simply by a peculiar and shifting sense of balance which defies each of these things often. She no longer hopes to live by seeking the truth – if women ever do hope this -but continues henceforth under the guidance of a seventh sense. Balance was the sixth sense, which she won when she first learned to walk, and now she has the seventh one – knowledge of the world. The slow discovery of the seventh sense, by which both men and women contrive to ride the waves of a world in which there is war, adultery, compromise, fear, stultification and hypocrisy- this discovery is not a matter for triumph. The baby, perhaps, cries out triumphantly; I have balance! But the seventh sense is recognized without a cry. We only carry on with our famous knowledge of the world, riding the queer waves in a habitual, petrifying way, because we have reached a stage of deadlock in which we can think of nothing else to do.
And at this stage we begin to forget that there ever was a time when we lacked the seventh sense. We begin to forget, as we go stolidly balancing along, that there could have been a time when we were young bodies flaming with the impetus of life. It is hardly consoling to remember such a feeling, and so it deadens in our minds.” by The Once and Future King by T.H. White.

My son Joseph had me read this passage from the book The Once and Future King by T. H. White and it resonated with me.
I will share with you I am not of middle age or of old age and my knowledge of the world is very limited, after saying that, my experiences are with the understanding I do not seek the truth – there is no truth – and with that I will never reached the seventh sense. According to T.H. White the seventh sense is and I quote “Middle-age people can balance between believing in God and braking all the commandments, without difficulty. The seventh sense, indeed, slowly kills all the other ones, so that at last there is no trouble about the commandments. We cannot see any more, or feel, or hear about them. The bodies which we loved, the truths which we sought, the gods whom we questioned, we are deaf and blind to them now, safely and automatically balancing along toward the inevitable grave, under the protection of our last sense”.
The Seventh Sense for T.H. White in the pages of The Once and Future King is not the truth only a truth and so many embrace it. It is not the last sense, it is one that people have chosen to embrace for the simple reason … Because people can!

I chose to embrace what I like to call The Eighth Sense. The Eighth Sense is an awareness of going beyond the seventh sense, that we live of this world but not in it. You see, it is a choice to profess to believe in God and then brake all the commandments, without difficulty. It is a matter of triumph in the discovery that when you go beyond the seventh sense with the understanding that there is war and not peace, that is a choice, there is adultery and not loyalty, it is a choice, there is compromise and it is a choice, there is fear and hypocrisy and once again it is a choice, and people make those choices every day.

Love encompasses of all the senses and yet it make no sense. It is not logical. There is war, adultery, compromise, fear, stultification and hypocrisy all in the name of LOVE. That is not love. There is no war in love, there is no adultery in love, there is no compromise in love, there is no fear in love, there is no stultification or hypocrisy in love.

Love is The Eighth Sense and when you come to embrace love you will have peace, loyalty, understanding, freedom, amazement, and honesty.

Evelyn Waterhouse

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