The New Segregation

I have been away from LinkedIn for some time.  I am not a big fan of negativity, it eats at my soul.

I don’t watch the news just for that reason … a sensitive person I am.  I would like to share something with all of you I wrote a few years ago about segregation.

The word “segregation” is an action or state of setting someone or something apart from other people or things or being set apart.  It has become linked with racial, religion, cultural and sexual segregation.

As we are becoming more aware of our world, we are getting smaller and smaller or if you would like to think of us as being closer and closer.

It won’t be the colour of your skin or the place that you choose to pray, or the foods you eat or the cultural rituals that you perform; those were topics, a way to allow hate to come through.

As our world is getting smaller and smaller our knowledge of other cultures is growing and the perceived “knowing” is being eliminated.  Past racial segregation from the civil rights movement had our focus on “Blacks” or “Whites”, religion was focused on “Catholics or Protestants”, cultural was focused on “English or French”, sexual on “Homosexual or Heterosexual.”

In a “civilized” society, such as Canada where I live, we are very  diverse.  Our laws reflect our diversity and the “Hate” towards different races, religions, cultures and sexuality have been pacified.   So, now “Haters” still need to express themselves, how is this accomplished?  Though their daily lives … I hate my job … I hate my boss … I hate the drive to work … I hate … I hate … I hate

The new age of segregation will be “Love” or “Hate”.

You may be thinking this is a fallacy of dichotomy.  “The fallacy of dichotomy is committed when the arguer claims that his conclusion is one of only two options, when in fact there are other possibilities.”  And, you are right there are many other option to consider, millions of other, one for every person on this earth.

This is only one woman’s option or choice, and that choice is to Love:  to love my home, to love my work, to love my play and to give back to my community.

It is a choice; everyone makes that choice in their daily lives.  How will you choose?

I am calling all leaders to encourage, inspire, motivate LOVE for all of humanity.  It is so easy and yet “we” make it so hard.

The United States of America needs a LEADER of LOVE, the world needs a true leader of Love … It is time once again for a brave new Leader of LOVE, PEACE, HEART and JOY to enter our minds and our lives.

Who is brave enough … through peace.

Who is strong enough … with love

Who is compassionate enough … in your heart.

Who is beautiful enough … to smile with joy in there eyes.