FREE Introductory Course: Building Healthy Relationships

Ever wondered what it takes to build a thriving relationship? My free, one-night workshop introduces you to some of the basic concepts of living in harmony with others.

Executive Workshop: Healthy Relationships, Healthy Homes

This workshop dives deep into every facet of fostering meaningful relationships. This course runs for one month, with one 2-hour session per week. The workshop is open to 8 people at a time, so make sure to secure your spot quickly!

In this workshop, we focus on building healthy relationships the same way that we would build a house:

  • Week 1: Building a strong foundation
  • Week 2: Your walls and roof – protecting what’s important
  • Week 3: Windows – letting in the light
  • Week 4: Doors – understanding how, if, and when to allow people to come and go